Best Outdoor Security Camera

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Outdoor surveillance cameras can protect your home or business from burglaries and act as a deterrent to potential thieves. Because the cameras are out there, exposed to the elements and the different lighting conditions, they need to be more robust and versatile than the cameras you see in stores and other places in the store. If you are looking for the best, most affordable cameras for your home (via, look for these qualities in every camera you buy.

The first thing that means a surveillance camera for outdoor use is a high quality case. The case protects the sensitive camera from the devastation of Mother Nature. At least it should have an IP rating of 65, which provides the camera with complete protection against dust and splash water. For a camera with an IP of 65, the only time that water should leak is when it is underwater. The most weather-resistant housings are usually made of non-corrosive metals, since plastic housings can crack or melt in extreme heat or cold.

If you look at your case, you will also see what the operating temperatures of the camera are. If you are in an area of ​​extreme heat or cold, invest in an enclosure with a built-in fan or heater to keep your camera from breaking under extreme conditions.

To help you, here are some of the best outdoor surveillance cameras on the market:

This camera is especially good when used at night. This is because it has an infrared shooting distance of 40 feet for taking pictures at night. In addition, the device has a housing that can withstand extreme weather conditions. To change the angle and height of the camera, the unit comes with adjustable brackets. Since you can change the angle and height of the camera, you can take wider shots. The good side of the camera is that it can be placed in many areas. For example, it can be mounted on exterior walls and roofs.


This is a waterproof camera constructed from a durable material to withstand extreme weather conditions. You can submerge the device completely in water and it will not get wet inside. In addition, the device is equipped with eight LEDs that record infrared night vision. The camera also has a power adapter that records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For additional protection, the device is equipped with a sun visor.

Lorex 2

Lorex 2 uses two outdoor cameras that record signals and send them to a receiver. It has an infrared feature that allows you to record both during the day and at night. To set up a wide perimeter, it is recommended to place the camera at some distance from the receiver. The device also has a microphone that can be used to open an audio channel between the two cameras and the receiver. To remotely control the cameras, the devices are equipped with a remote control system.


It has 24 LEDs and offers a high resolution. The camera can also be connected to a TV, VCR or computer through an RCA jack port for a better overview. The good side is that it can handle movements from a distance. For example, it can record movements that are up to 45 feet away. In addition to surveillance cameras, we also have many other cameras such as Mini WIFI Helmet Camera